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Music is a language.

To practice speaking, It helps to have someone to talk to. We are not suggesting you stand up and perform solo for an audience. Giving a speech isn’t the best way to practice a new language. You really develop a fluency for a new language in the context of conversation, Interaction, response, a meaningful discussion between a small group of people. Making music together is another benefit of group lessons. Jamming with your peers and musicians better than yourself inspires you to take risks, to step out. You may fumble over the words, but you’ll expand your thinking. You’ll start trying to say more interesting things as you discover how to form the words on your instrument. Our mission is to enable students of all ages, interests, abilities, and backgrounds to discover, develop, realize, and express their inherent talents. DMA (Devotees Music Academy) Provides a Complete Solution to make people love music.


Music Production Classes

DMA provides Music Production classes that covers composition, music theory or music education, instrumentalist or vocalist track take part in several required performances throughout the program. Coursework can include study in music history and literature, keyboarding, performance; theory choral conducting, orchestral conducting, stage direction and composition.

Sound Engineering

DMA Provide a Sound Engineering course that is a part of audio science dealing with the recording and reproduction of sound through mechanical and electrical means. The field of sound engineering draws on many disciplines, including Broadcast Engineering, Acoustics, Acoustical Design and Music.



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